The following is an excerpt adapted from a Special e-Gospel letter to the parish on May 20, 2018, regarding recent assessment on the condition of the historic brick and stone building that is home to St. Mark’s. 

May 20, 2018

…On May 3,  Michele and Nora joined Kenn and the Fabric Committee in a meeting with Aeon [Preservation Services, LLC] to review the next iteration of their report on the condition of the building and their recommendations for how we move forward, the timetable and the first rough estimates of the cost for the next phases of work. The news was sobering as we learned that there are both immediate and long-term needs that must be met if we are to preserve our building.
The written Aeon report is quite lengthy, running 664 pages, the majority of which includes pictures and illustrations of the findings. Two documents have been prepared for your review; one the complete document that includes many photos and detail drawings; the other a shorter version of topline findings (13 pages).

Members of the parish are encouraged to view the findings via the following links:

Short version -2018.05.01 St Marks FINAL Condition Report Reduced.pdf

Complete (664 page) version – 2018.05.01 St Marks FINAL Condition Report

It is important that you, our membership, feel informed and included in this process. To that end, we are scheduling a major town meeting to raise questions and concerns at 10 AM on Sunday, June 17th with a follow-up session after the 11:15 service and a session after the 5 PM service.

We also urge you to email questions to They will be compiled and we will work with Aeon to get and share back to all the best possible responses.