September Short Course: “The Tensions of Everyday Life”

Aug 29, 2017

Life is filled with daily tensions that test our convictions, our values, and our faith. A child whose wrongful behavior merits both understanding and discipline. A career opportunity that offers advancement but requires sacrifices. A troubled relationship in which revenge vies with forgiveness. Health and aging issues. Indecision, even paralysis, often sets in. Analytical constructs, cost/benefit calculations, fail.

Where do we turn for help? St. Mark’s has a long-tested, functional method to help us live faithfully into life’s tensions.

2 classes: September 6 and 13, Wednesdays 7:30 – 9:30 PM in the Adams Room.

Weekend retreat (required): September 8 – 10 at Roslyn Center, Richmond, VA. (Will allow for attending Sunday’s Parish Picnic.)

Join us! Sign-up sheet in foyer.

Questions? Contact leaders…

Betsy Athey, 202-251-0482

Bruce Sherman, 202-213-9066