People often joke at St. Mark’s that we are the “Church of the Holy Activity.” It’s a busy place and every day is full of classes, meetings, events, rehearsals, social activities, and, of course, worship. An important part of life at St. Mark’s is the time we spend together in community, sharing meals, telling stories, and just having fun. We have a variety of social groups for people who share common interests, from film and book lovers to the young (20/30s) and less young (Third Agers). There is something for everyone at St. Mark’s! See below for descriptions and contact information for the various groups at St. Mark’s.

“I dreamed of a faith community that valued my questioning skeptical mind. I kept coming back because on my first visit I heard a sound, intriguing sermon that kept me thinking long after I left the building. I yearned for a faith community where I could be known and accepted and loved, for who I was. I kept coming back because I looked around the nave and saw people who treasured each other – and I wanted that. I longed for a community where I would grow and be challenged – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I kept coming back because it was clear St. Mark’s was not business as usual. And I wanted a faith community where I could make true and lasting friends. I kept coming back because I realized these people could be those friends.” – Marilu

St Marks has a vibrant, growing 20s/30s community and we’d love for you to come join us! We meet monthly for Chewing on Faith, our incredibly tasty 20s/30s potluck speaker series. Past speakers have included Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of NETWORK; Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog Editor, and Brian Carome, Executive Director of Street Sense. If you would like more information about any of our activities, please e-mail us at We’d love to have you!

The Green Lions is the environmental group at St. Mark’s. We believe that human choices, now and over the coming decades, have a profound effect on the world’s climate and web of life, including people’s access to water, food, and a healthy environment. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a level that will avoid the worst impacts of climate change, which threaten major disruptions to our economic, environmental, and social systems, is still possible. The Green Lions strive to support the St. Mark’s community in efforts to respond to the environmental crisis in our corporate life, our homes, and in the world. Read more here. Contact Betsy Agle to learn more about getting involved. All are welcome!

Lambda Lions is an affinity group of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) members of St. Mark’s parish. We meet socially on occasion and are in the process of adapting our mission to add a service component to our lives together in the wider parish. We hope to be one of several entry points for new GLBT members or visitors to our faith community. Please email our convener Rob Hall for more information or to be added to the email list for future gatherings.

 St. Mark’s “link” with Lichfield Cathedral, located in the British mid-lands in Lichfield, England, is managed by Doris Burton and her counterparts in Lichfield, Pat and Brian Empsall. Over the years St. Mark’s has hosted the Lichfield Men and Boys Choir and Lichfield has hosted the St. Mark’s Choir. Representatives from St. Mark’s have attended key events in Lichfield Cathedral’s life and we have welcomed representatives from Lichfield to our major events. Consider a visit to Lichfield on your next trip to the UK. See the cathedral’s website at Contact Doris Burton for more information.

Since the 1960s, Mary Cooper and her late husband Bert have kept the parish history of our historic building and its beautiful windows, and the key events in our life as a parish. Bert’s books and articles chronicle St. Mark’s from when it was a mission church serving the government workers in the neighborhood, through its period as the pro-cathedral prior to the building of the Washington Cathedral and on to the development of the church we are today. Contact  Mary Cooper with any questions you might have. Click here to read some of the Coopers’ fantastic historical research.

St. Mark’s Film Club gathers on the third Friday of each month at 7:30 to view, enjoy and discuss a classic film. Films are chosen from many genres. Held at a parishioner’s home located in Northwest DC, attendees bring refreshments and dessert to share with others. For further information, email Alicia Ruble, or call 202-420-9256 (cell).

St Mark’s Reading Group meets the third Wednesday of each month at 12:30 in the Dozier Library to discuss a book chosen by the members. Books read include fiction, non-fiction, classics, and those published more recently. See the calendar for up-do-date information, or email Linda Ewald for more details.

Third Agers, a lively affinity group for people aged 60 and above, has potluck luncheons with speakers, discussion, and good fun in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. The program also includes field trips, usually in the Greater Washington DC area. Activities are generated, managed, and funded by members. The coordinator is Don Gangloff.

Woman to Woman (W2W) is committed to creating opportunities for the women of St. Mark’s to meet, learn, laugh, grow, share stories, and strengthen bonds of friendship. W2W events are open to all women of the parish and their female friends. Woman to Woman events have included Thanksgiving and International Women’s Day dinners; hosting speakers including Diane Rehm, Ysae Barnwell, and Eleanor Clift; sponsoring sacred circle dancing, ice skating parties, and casual gatherings for women of the parish. These events, scheduled throughout the year, are advertised widely in the Sunday Bulletin and on the website. For more information, email Edna Boone.